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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Involvement is a funny word. This year the youth group has been talking a lot about that word. What does it mean to be involved? We can simply show up and say we are present, but does that count? Being involved means something deeper. the first part is do we believe in what we are involved with. Is it our cause? Are we willing to do all the things necessary? Do we want to lead and then just pass things along? As a leader I believe the person in charge has to be the one who sets the example. Never ask anyone to do something you will not do yourself. A leader takes on the most difficult tasks without recognition because it is their cause. A leader stays in the background without notice. A leader does not become involved in too many other things for the sake of self preservation. A jack of all trades, master at none approach never works. Being involved means a leader listens and learns and treats everyone equally. Each of us deserves the chance of experience. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. You see involvement is a choice we learn from the experiences of our lives. What we believe in differs from one to another. What we are involved with is not a competition. We must have conviction and principle. We must truly give everything we have, especially when it is in-convenient. In the end our involvement should benefit anyone without prejudice and our own reward. Just as Jesus taught us.

Bill Mezzetti