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Youth Ministry Blog

Honduras Mission

Thursday, June 13, 2019

The mission in Honduras will move along without the physical help of the youth this year. We did not meet our fund raising goal. I will be going to Honduras to bring the money we have so the church can be completed. We are disappointed knowing we will not be traveling this year. The truth is through disappointments we find our selves with two choices. Continue the good fight or run away. We understand our mission is never about us. Yes it is nice to go "build" something and when we come back people will ask what did you build? For the youth it was never about that. Our mission sustains because the mission was developed to help us and those we work with understand the complexities of life and even though we live separate lives we remain in God's eyes equally. This reminds me of the Gospel Matthew 11:18-20. Our mission is to carry the yolk. Not because we are stronger or better. We do this at the same time those we go to visit and work with do the same for us. Our mission is a success. The Honduran community will have their church and we and you, the parishioners will always have an equal part in this. We each carried the yolk and we did it quietly and with great humility. The end result is a community will be saved. In the words of Saint Francis, “true progress moves along quietly without notice".

 Bill Mezzetti