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Youth Ministry Blog

Our Church Building Mission and the Courage to Persevere

Sunday, October 21, 2018
We have begun our fund raising for our continued church building mission in Honduras. Last Saturday we held a yard sale. Although it was raining and this put a damper on our sales the youth stayed the course with great enthusiasm and did not show any signs of complaint. This is the key to our mission. We understand our mission is not about our individual experience. We know and embrace t ...Read more

Giving Forward and Jesus' Plan for Us

Saturday, June 16, 2018
I have not written in quite a while. The truth is there was no experience to draw from until recently. On a recent trip to Honduras, (I go there often. I am a co-founder of a non profit called Water With Blessings), I took a walk with the community to the top of the hill. There was another community and we began to talk about life. They had a small shack with a cross on  ...Read more

Living on the Fringe

Friday, December 08, 2017
Living on the fringe. This is a wonderful time of year. Once again we are living with the joy of the Christmas season. I wonder what that really means. I think we all truly understand our purpose in our faith and each of us tries our best to live as Jesus has asked us to. The reign of God is so important to all of us. I see so much that gets lost at this time of year. We get caught up in the f ...Read more

Leaf Raking Fundraiser

Friday, December 01, 2017
The youth group would like to offer a leaf raking fundraiser. We would come and rake your yard and you could make a donation to the group of what you think would be appropriate. We could start on Saturday November 18th and continue each Saturday after that. We can only do Saturday's…think we could accomplish getting 10 yards completed, depending on the size. If you are interested please ...Read more