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Pastor's Blog

My Key Responsibility Areas Part I

Sunday, February 09, 2020
Fr. Scott's Thoughts:

My Key Responsibility Areas Part I

Though the number of priests available for assignment in the Archdiocese of Boston continues to decline and, as a result, the responsibilities landing on the priest’s plate continue to increase, the expectations people have for priests are often based on days gone by when the number of priests available for assignment was significantly higher. In this landscape, it is important to be clear about my key responsibility areas. This week I share with you two of my key responsibility areas in the parishes. Next week I will share with you two more of my key responsibility areas. When deciding how to spend my time and energy, I look to these key responsibility areas. Though I may bear ultimate responsibility for all that happens in the parishes, if what is being expected of me does not fit into one of my key responsibility areas, then proximate responsibility for it needs to be shifted to a staff member or lay leader.

  •      Prepare, preach, and preside for sacramental celebrations in order that people encounter the Risen Christ and be strengthened to live as his disciples.
  •      Equip, co-mission, and support staff and lay leaders in order that they will be prepared for the work of ministry and building up the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:12)

As we move forward, please join me in turning to Jesus Christ in prayer for all impacted by this upcoming transition – the parishioners and staff members of the Catholic parishes in Amesbury and Salisbury and Cohasset and Hull, Father Michael, and me.