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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dear Parishioners

My first few weeks here serving as Administrator both at St. Mary Parish in Hull and St. Anthony Parish in Cohasset has been very welcoming. Not really having any familiarity with either parish in the past a new opportunity for serving the Church came through a simple phone call back in May. I am always ( so far ) happy to say yes when Cardinal Sean asks me through our Personnel Director to serve in a variety of parishes.

Both parishes have a wonderful history, faith filled parishioners and many opportunities to deepen our Love for God and our Neighbor. I am blessed to be part of these communities of faith even for only three short months until our new Pastor, Fr. Michael Medas is able to be here. 

The Professional Staff and Parishioners have all been most helpful in sharing their insights and experience these past couple of weeks.  I look forward to my time here working with them, celebrating the Sacramental opportunities and assisting in many ways during this transitional period. Keeping our hearts, minds and lives open to the Holy Spirit is most important for our parishes during this time. God often surprises me along my journeys. I sometimes need to be reminded not to be afraid and trust the Lord more and more. I have learned over the years that a Pastor or Staff person can not do everything alone in a parish.  All parishioners have a shared responsibility with the Pastor, as Shepard, for the parish.  May the Lord grant us all the graces and blessings we need to be His Holy and Faith filled People.

The priests and others who have served these parishes in the past came with a variety of gifts and talents. I thank the Lord for all those who have served these parishes and helped them to be such wonderful communities of faith, most recently Frs. Mulvehill and Derrane for their ministries here.

This weekend we celebrate  Father’s Day in our Nation.  We are blessed by our Fathers and others who have been male role models for us in our formative years. Both Fathers and Mothers provide such an important responsibility in the life of young and we ought always to remember the Fourth Commandment in honoring them.  Blessings of the Lord be upon the Fathers in our Parishes and communities.

Fr. Michael