Saint Anthony: SUNDAY MASS: Sat. 5:30pm, Sun. 8:30am, 11:30am & 6:00pm (Sept.-May)  |  DAILY MASS: Mon, Wed, Fri. 7:00am (9:00am if a holiday)  |  ADDRESS: 10 Summer Street, Cohasset, MA 02025 
Saint Mary of the Assumption: SUNDAY MASS: Sat. 4:00pm, Sunday 7:00am, 10:00am & 6:00pm (June-August)  |  DAILY MASS: Tue, Thur. 9:00am  |  ADDRESS:  208 Samoset Avenue, Hull, MA 02045 MA

Weekday Masses at Other Area Churches (as of July 1, 2019)

Grades 7-10

For our students in grades 7 and 8, we seek to provide solid instruction in religious and moral values. We strive to foster an environment where their faith is nourished and practiced in the events and activities of their daily lives. We look for ways to provide opportunities for our students to participate in weekly worship, community service as well as special Advent and Lent activities.

Our goal, during the middle school years, is to continue to nurture the students in their Catholic faith, so they can develop and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ; through prayer and participation in weekly Mass. 

St. Anthony parish has realized that our young adults are challenged daily with decisions and choices in our society that to some are tougher than others to make. With that in mind, we selected a catechesis program that is always up to date with the evolving paradigms in our young adult’s life. Our program is from Dynamic Catholic, a company founded by Matthew Kelley who is a renowned Evangelist and teacher of the Catholic faith. The program called Decision Point is a program that is DVD based along with group interaction and community building.

Our classes are divided monthly and alternate by month based on grade levels. Our goal is to bring our young adults closer to Christ through witness, great catechesis, and interaction throughout our community. All grades supplement their teachings with various events called “serving others.”  Each grade has a seasonal event that involves independent thinking, group formation and community involvement. We feel there is more to faith formation than a text book can deliver. Grades 9 and 10 are the years in which we focus on the fourth sacrament, the sacrament of Confirmation. Grade 9 begins the year with the students stating their intentions to receive Confirmation at a Rite of Passage ceremony and culminates in 10th grade with Confirmation and Mass in April of that year.

2019-20 Religious Education Class Schedules

2019-2020 Grade 7 SYLLABUS

2019-2020 Grade 8 SYLLABUS

Sept 2019 9th Grade WELCOME

2019-2020 Grade 9 SYLLABUS

Sept 2019 10th Grade WELCOME

2019-2020 Grade 10 SYLLABUS

For more information on the Religious Education curriculum, go here: Decision Point Program