Collaborative Mass Schedule> DAILY MASS: Mon, Wed, Fri. 7:00am at St. Anthony, Cohasset (C); Tue, Thur. 9:00am at St. Mary of the Assumption, Hull (H)
WEEKEND MASS: Sat. 4:00pm (H), Sat. 5:30pm (C), Sun. 7:00am (H), Sun. 8:30am (C), Sun. 10:00am (H), Sun. 11:30am (C), Sun. 6:00pm (C)
You must register ahead for all Masses and Services to help control attendance: at ST. ANTHONY IN COHASSET or at ST. MARY IN HULL

If someone who would like to come to Mass, but does not have a computer, smart phone, internet access or technical ability, they can call to make a reservation (Hull: 781-925-0680, ext. 13 or Cohasset: 781-383-0219, ext. 15 ).

Grades 1-6

Here at St. Anthony parish we are fully engaged in a religious education format that grows with the students from grades 1 through 6. We utilize a Faith Formation Program called the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies. This Liturgical catechesis: Integrating learning with the life of the parish community. We have had great experience with our children in brining the gospel to life and life to the gospel. This is not the CCD you may remember growing up, we truly are engaging our students, teachers and Parishioners’ as we help bring the teaching home and into the community.

“Liturgy-based catechesis integrates the instruction of young people with the ongoing life of the parish community as experienced primarily in the Sunday Eucharist. With the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies the content of the program flows from the Sunday Gospel. Children learn their faith within the rhythms and seasons of the liturgical year”.

There are weekly booklets and educational tools for each level.

  • Grade 1; we use the Promise format that helps bring in our new students into the parish at a comfortable level.
  • Grade 2-3; we use the Good News format that helps us as we work towards our second sacrament, the first holy communion. First Holy Communion is the focus of grade 2 and culminates in May on Mothers Days weekend each year. The third grade is focused on how we grow since receiving the Holy Eucharist.
  • Grade 4-6; we use the Venture program format that takes our students to the next level of understanding how the Eucharist, the mass, and our beliefs in God translate in our lives and help us grow in that love.

2019-20 Religious Education Class Schedules

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