Collaborative Mass Schedule> DAILY MASS: Mon, Wed, Fri. 7:00am at St. Anthony, Cohasset (C); Tue, Thur. 9:00am at St. Mary of the Assumption, Hull (H)
WEEKEND MASS: Sat. 4:00pm (H), Sat. 5:30pm (C), Sun. 7:00am (H), Sun. 8:30am (C), Sun. 10:00am (H), Sun. 11:30am (C), Sun. 6:00pm (C)
You must register ahead for all Masses and Services to help control attendance: at ST. ANTHONY IN COHASSET or at ST. MARY IN HULL

If someone who would like to come to Mass, but does not have a computer, smart phone, internet access or technical ability, they can call to make a reservation (Hull: 781-925-0680, ext. 13 or Cohasset: 781-383-0219, ext. 15 ).

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

The Altar Servers is a volunteer body of young people established to assist the clergy in parish liturgical and seasonal celebration functions.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion are people of faith who assist parish clergy with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ at weekend and daily Mass, as well as to homebound parishioners.


Lectors read the prescribed scriptural readings for the day in accordance with the church calendar; This includes the First Reading, the Responsorial Psalm when it is not sung, and the Second reading when prescribed by the church calendar; The Lector may also read the Prayers of the Faithful when directed by the celebrant and may also read any parish announcements


The Choir is a volunteer body of lay persons established to assist in parish liturgical and seasonal celebration functions by providing instrumental and vocal music.


The Cantor is the leading singer of the choir; leading the choir in responsorial singing with the congregation.


They will greet and participate in the offertory of gifts for each of the Masses.


Parishioners who prepare the altar, including preparation table, ciboria, wine, water, gifts, chalice, candles, and incense; answer queries of any visiting priest as necessary; lead the entrance procession and recessional, as a cross-bearer at funerals; be prepared to serve as lector and/or extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist.