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Weekday Masses at Other Area Churches (as of July 1, 2019)

Participation for the Funeral Rites

Vigil Service (Wake)

The Vigil Service is primarily handled through your Funeral Director. Your Funeral Director will be familiar with the Catholic doctrine and traditions’ and provide you with some choices. The Funeral Director will also help in the selection and process for the Pallbearers and placement of the Pall. He also can assist in any “Symbol of Christian life” that may accompany the procession of the family.

You will be asked to make choices at this point.

Readings and who may read them

Two readings plus a responsorial psalm and gospel acclamation will precede the Gospel. The family, in collaboration with the priest or minister, can select one text each from the Old Testament Readings and New Testament Readings. We have provided a list of Readings to choose from.

You will be asked to make choices at this point.

Music Selection

Funeral music needs to reflect not only the grief of the family, but the whole truth about the life and death of a Christian: “God’s love for them and the promise of eternal life.” This is why the Church insists that only liturgical music should be used and that the primary focus should be on the assembly's song. We have provided a list of music selection to choose from. Often there is a special request, this request must be provided to the Priest for consideration in advance of the service.

You will be asked to make choices at this point.

Presentation of Gifts

The church encourages family members or friends at the Funeral Mass to bring to the altar the bread and wine. They are referred to as Gift Bearers.

You will be asked to make choices at this point.

Words of Remembrance

Often referred to as a Eulogy, the “Words of Remembrance” should be words spoken from a family member or friend and should express the appreciation of the life of the deceased, take the form of a prayer, or an inspirational story. Because of the intensity of emotions any “words of remembrance” should be written in advance and can be reviewed for appropriate content. Remember a true Eulogy, a tribute and stories through one’s life, can be given during the wake or after the committal service. Often times many gather after the funeral services with family and friends and fondly tell stories or mini Eulogies of the loved one and the positive impact they had on their lives.

You will be asked to make choices at this point.